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“Very few companies provide business intelligence solutions that transform an institution’s own data into information to help understand current position and plot a future course. iStrategy Solutions is one of these companies, and arguably the best.”

David W. Dodd, Vice President of Information Resources and CIO at Xavier University in Cincinnati


Product Overview

HigherEd Analytics Suite ™ is the first and only packaged data warehouse and analytical reporting application for colleges and universities. HigherEd Analytics ™ provides out of the box integration with PeopleSoft combined with secure self-service reporting and analysis capabilities. We transform data into information to support a broad spectrum of information users spanning institutional research, management reporting, external reporting and analytical information needs across the institution. The application provides a library of standardized metrics and descriptive attributes consistent with best practices in higher education management.

The HigherEd Analytics information model is based on best practices in data warehouse methodology and design. We use the dimensional modeling approach which has proven to be a good fit for analyzing admissions and student records information. One of the key factors in turning data into information is deriving important management information metrics and dimensions. ERP systems capture a wealth of detail, but management information always requires data rules, aggregations and algorithms that may not exist in the ERP system. Our data model consists of a wide range of derived information that enables iStrategy to solve some difficult problems. Some examples include retention %, graduation rates, course utilization %, GPA Band, Credit Hour Band and many more.

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Student Module Overview

Financial Management Module Overview

Human Resources Analytics Module Overview

Value Proposition

ERP systems capture a wealth of detail, but management information requires algorithms, data rules and aggregations that often do not exist in the ERP system. iStrategy solves that problem.