“When we first heard iStrategy's claim that we would be up in running in months, we were quite skeptical. Five months later with our student data warehouse implementation up and running, we are now believers. ”

Kathy Monday, Chief Information Officer, University of Richmond


The Best Practices in HigherEd Analytics Webinars are led by higher ed business and technology professionals addressing a variety of management areas, including Enrollment Management, Student Administration, IT, Finance, Institutional Research and more.

They share lessons learned, advice and insights into successfully implementing and utilizing data dashboards, analytics, and data warehouses in their institutions, enablng business intelligence and improving institutional performance.

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We invite you to view recordings of our past webinars:

Implementing Data-Driven Decision-Making for Strategic and Operational Planning

Effective Academic Decision Making - Montgomery County Community College

Delivering Strategic Financial Information to Key Decision Makers - University of Michigan

Developing a Culture of Data-Informed Decision Making at your Institution - UMBC

Targeted, Data-Driven Student Recruitment Strategies - Calvin College

Fast-Tracking Data Warehousing, Dashboards and Analytics at University of Richmond

January 2011:
Implementing Data-Driven Decision-Making for Strategic and Operational Planning
A Success Story by Indiana State University

Guest Presenters:

Karl E. Burgher, Ph.D., P.E. - Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning
Linda Ferguson, MBA - Associate Director, Institutional Research

This webinar will discuss how student data analytics can be used to make better informed decisions pertaining to Academic Affairs.

One of the key initiatives of ISU's strategic plan was to strengthen the gathering and use of information to advance ISU's strategic priorities with fact based decision making. Initial plan successes include: significant enrollment increases, better coordination of hiring, improved alumni and parent engagement, and enhanced community, regional, and state relations. This webinar will discuss, from a managerial perspective, how ISU successfully implemented its analytical data warehouse project fulfilling this vital strategic initiative.

Critical issues discussed are: effective team building, communications, change and project management, ISU specific student information system modifications, and moving decision-makers toward the increased use of data. ISU will share advice on how institutions can achieve similar success during the first stages of the start-up and roll-out of a data analytics/reporting solution.

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September 2010:
Effective Academic Decision Making

Guest Presenter:

Stephen Grieco, Chief Administrative Officer
West Campus & Dean of Arts and Humanities
Montgomery County Community College (Pa.)

This webinar will discuss how student data analytics can be used to make better informed decisions pertaining to Academic Affairs.

Academic Affairs leaders strive to administer the best possible student programs across a variety of disciplines. This overarching goal calls for timely operational decision making, such as optimizing course and facility utilization for upcoming semesters, combined with strategic planning, such as planning future degree and course offerings available by campus, to ensure alignment with student success.

A robust student data analytics system is an essential resource for Academic Affairs leaders to make effective operational and strategic decisions. This webinar will brief you on specific areas of Academic Affairs in which Student Analytics is enabling improved institutional performance.

Montgomery County Community College has been honored as the top technologically-advanced community college in the nation for 2008 and 2009.

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May 2010:
Delivering Strategic Financial Information to Key Decision Makers

Presented by the University of Michigan:

  • Bryan Hartman, Business Systems Analyst
  • Deborah Mero, Director of Financial and University Development Systems

This presentation will describe how the University of Michigan successfully delivers strategic revenue/expense information to key decision makers using data sourced from the iStrategy base financial cube, part of the iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Financial Module. This presentation will include:

  • A review of the financial information needed among Deans, Directors and Department Chairs to facilitate informed financial and budgeting decision making
  • How the IT department fulfilled these financial information needs, while fulfilling three key requirements:
    • Quick Implementation
    • Timely Data
    • Intuitive User Interface
  • Demonstration: Review of customized revenue/expense (source/use) data views provided to end users
  • A discussion of the strategic benefits achieved from timely, actionable financial reporting and analytics
  • Future plans: Using the solution to fulfill new financial reporting needs

IT and financial professionals alike, seeking to improve financial reporting and enable data-informed decision making will find this presentation useful and informative.

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March 2010:
Developing a Culture of Data-Informed Decision Making at your Institution

A panel-led presentation by University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Moderated by Jack Suess, Chief Information Officer.

Colleges and Universities are under more pressure than ever to make faster decisions and demonstrate results. One key element of this is making data available to decision makers in a form that allows them to ask questions and do "what if" analysis. Making this a reality often requires a cultural shift that looks holistically at data access and reporting across the institution.

In addition to having the right technology solution to enable easy, self-service access to data analytics, it is essential to develop a shared institutional vision that encourages critical thinking, asking "the right questions," and collaborative problem solving.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) has made substantial progress in developing such a culture of data-informed decision making, recently earning an award honoring this effort from leading global IT industry analyst firm Ventana Research.

This webinar, moderated by UMBC Chief Information Officer Jack Suess, we have participating:

Yvette Mozie-Ross - Asst. Provost for Enrollment Management
Ben Lowenthal - Assoc. VP for Financial Services
Michael Dillon - Director of Institutional Research
Joe Kirby - Asst. VP for Business Systems
Michael Busges - Project Director for Student Administration
Kevin Joseph - Asst. Director Business Systems

They will brief you on the concerted efforts by the University to establish a shared vision for data access and reporting, build support for this across the university, and leverage the right technology to achieve tangible, superior results.

Institutional executives, directors and managers with leadership roles at the executive level or functional level (including IT, enrollment management, finance, institutional research, academic review, etc.) as well as anyone responsible for or seeking to improve institutional effectiveness through the active use of data analytics will find this webinar highly informative.

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January 2010:
Targeted, Data-Driven Student Recruitment Strategies: Empowering Admissions Counselor Travel & Territory Management

Presented by Calvin College:
  • Steve Ruis, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Kevin Martin, Admissions Counselor

Calvin College has built a series of reports and graphical analytics designed for its Admissions Counseling teams to dissect and analyze past interest from potential students and help predict future interest, in order to drive targeted travel planning for the fall as well as set territory-specific student recruitment goals for the year. This webinar will review how Calvin College uses higher ed data analytics to drive recruiting strategies, planning and performance measurement.

Institutional executives, directors and managers responsible for enrollment management, student recruiting and retention, and/or providing student-related reporting and data analytics will find this presentation highly relevant and informative.

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December 2009:
Fast-Tracking Data Warehousing, Dashboards and Analytics at University of Richmond

Presented by University of Richmond:
  • Kathy Monday, Chief Information Officer
  • Troy Boroughs, Director of Systems and Networks
  • Mike Koontz, Data Warehouse Architect

With a new President driving a new strategic plan for the University of Richmond, a new decision support system was essential to measure the institution?s strategic metrics (Dashboards, KPIs and analytics).

This session will share the University's experiences and its successful "fast-tracking" of its data warehousing, dashboards and analytics implementation. CIOs, enterprise application managers, Institutional Research professionals, report writers and anyone who provides information for decision making will find the content of this webinar relevant.

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